Terms and Conditions for Product Purchases

All sales are final. Understanding that all baits are custom made from pouring of the soft plastics to pouring, painting and hand tying each jig. Orders will be filled and shipped in order that they are received. If products are in stock they will ship immediately. We are here to provide our customers with the highest quality fishing tackle available. If you are not happy with a product we at Bounty Hunter Custom Baits will review the situation on a case by case basis in order to satisfy the customer.


Terms and Conditions Trips

Once a trip is scheduled a customer can change the dates of the trip if the calendar permits the change. There are no refunds of the trip costs unless approved by the Candlewood Lake Guide Service. The client can reschedule the trip to another date within fourteen days of the scheduled trip if our schedule permits. If a trip is canceled within twenty four hours of the scheduled trip there will be no refund unless Candlewood Lake Guide Service finds the reasons to be acceptable. Clients that prefer to pay for guide trips at the ramp are required to schedule the trip with a fifty dollar deposit through the web site. All clients are required to wear sunglasses or eye protection at all time while aboard the boat. Children under the age of sixteen are required to wear a PFD (life jacket) at all times while aboard the boat.


Baits History

In 2000 T.J. began designing jigs for personal use. From hair jigs to flipping jigs T.J. produced custom baits that proved themselves time and time again. Wanting to create custom trailers for the jigs led to the creation of multiple custom hand carved baits which became molds for pouring the custom soft plastic baits Bounty Hunter Custom Baits provide anglers today. Members of the Bounty Hunter Team create custom baits every day and new baits are continuously being introduced for our customers in order to provide them an edge while on the water. Our hand poured series of baits can be poured in any combination of colors one could imagine, you want it we can deliver a truly one of a kind custom bait.


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