T.J, your fishing guide at Candlewoodlakeguideservice produces custom made hand-poured baits with his company Bounty Hunter Custom Baits. Our goal is to create the most custom colors our customers can imagine. Our service is unlike most others where baits are stocked in common colors that can be found across the industry. We build a profile for each customer so that every color combination requested will be on file for future orders. We can also pour baits that have provided positive results on specific waters. Example: We can pour baits in colors that have produced on lakes such as Kerr Lake, Gaston, Smith Mountain and Santee Cooper to lakes in the northern region such as Candlewood, Oneida and Champlain. Our baits are poured upon receiving an order. If fishing a specific lake and we have experience fishing that body of water we can suggest color combinations that have produced for our team in the past. When placing an order please describe the color you would like us to create. You can also send a picture via email of a bait you would like to replicate whether  it be a crawfish you captured on your local lake or a Goby that latched on to your drop shot rig. Take a picture, attach it with this form and send it us and we will create a bait representing the forage in your local lake. The possibilities are endless!

NOTE: Once we receive this request for your custom bait order, we will contact you to confirm you order and process payment and discuss shipping time.

Examples of a request:

Drop Shot Mag: Pearl belly with a transparent Silver body, pink vein and chartreuse tail.
Lil Josh Jig Trailer: Green Pumpkin Black Flake with an orange vein and light blue spots.


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